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Magniffect On screen Magnifier : 50K+ Downloads

Zoom in each pixel of your phone screen, It's a on Screen Magnifier

This app makes it very convenient to read small characters on your device screen by magnifying it to a considerable extent. Be it an image, video or anything else on the screen, you will be able to look each and every minute thing magnified. A very helpful app for curious people.

Zodiac - Daily Horoscope

Get accurate daily astrology and horoscope

We cover all the zodiac sun signs:
♈ - #Aries horoscope | ♉ - #Taurus horoscope | ♊ - #Gemini horoscope | ♋ - #Cancer horoscope | ♌ - #Leo horoscope | ♍ - #Virgo horoscope | ♎ - #Libra horoscope | ♏ - #Scorpio horoscope | ♐ - #Sagittarius horoscope | ♑ - #Capricorn horoscope | ♒ - #Aquarius horoscope | ♓ - #Pisces horoscope

Genie: WhatsApp Viral Pics & Clips | 1,000,000+ Downloads | 2018 Trending App

Genie is a Viral Content liking & sharing Pics & GIFs & Video Content!

Genie is a Social app that lets you earn Paytm & Paypal Cash by uploading, liking & sharing Pics & GIFs
Main Features:
Share Viral pics, Funny images, Jokes, Memes, Motivational quotes, Bhajans, News, Quotes & GIFs on WhatsApp
Install Top trending apps from the feed

Olly Virtual Credit Card App | 10K downloads | Direct Download

India’s working class credit product that is a utility for their day-to-day expenses and essential needs

Olly is a new cate mobile-first micro-credit product for aspirational India that:
1 ​ Provides a micro-credit line (from Rs. 2000 - up to 20,000) digitally
2 ​ The time to acquire minimal ‘Instant credit’ from Rs. 500 – Rs. 2000 is 0 seconds
3 It helps an individual build their credit score with regular repayments of low ticket Credit transactions

Swasthya Lehar

Swasthya Lehar is a social enterprise that aims to improve the basic healthcare scenario for the slum dwelling urban

It aims to make healthcare facilities accessible to the people at the base of the pyramid. Swasthya Lehar helps to set up basic check-up camps by mapping and organizing the community through a volunteer-driven model.
Swasthya Lehar aims to digitize the whole process reducing paperwork, increasing efficiency, and productivity.

T4I- Community Mapping

Mapping and organizing the whole community enables in better data collection and analysis

For any change to take place, we must involve the community. Mapping and organizing the whole community enables in better data collection and analysis which further helps in the improvement and on ground implementation of our tech-driven solutions and services


Sales Docket is a powerful tool to track all your leads and manage follow ups

Sales dockets helps you honour your commitments given to the valuable customers. Sales docket makes capturing lead simple with easy product selection menu with variant selector option. Sales Docket helps you increase your sales business hit ratio and reduces lost sales.


Samagra Sanitation is the first for-profit social enterprise in India

Samagra Sanitation is the seamless bundling of other value-added services along with the toilet block:
Financial services (including savings accounts)
Access to digital goods (mobile phone recharge, TV subscription services, Bill Payment Services)
Access to life improving Products and Services (Assisted E-commerce)

SehatQ: Doctor Consultation, Online Appointment

SehatQ is the most complete health and wellness application for the family’s health manager. Talk to a trusted doctor, make an appointment with your doctor.

SehatQ brings together all your health needs in one app.

Talk to your doctor ✓Consult directly with a doctor to get accurate information ✓All chats are private and confidential ✓No health topic is too trivial to ask, from a case of hiccup to chest pains ✓Feeling unwell on the go? Ask a doctor from wherever you are

Find and book doctor’s appointment ✓Consult with a SehatQ doctor to get the right recommendation ✓Choose from thousands of doctors listed on the site ✓If paying by insurance, choose from those within your network provider ✓Easier and free of charge

The latest health info ✓Keep up-to-date with health topics, from our doctor-reviewed articles ✓Tens of thousands of listings in disease encyclopedia, medicine listings, and health articles